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AIR(Apollo) and Flex 3(Moxie)

June 11, 2007

Today when I entered office, one of my colleague
Karan Palan gave me the news of release of Adobe Flex 3 and also he told that Apollo has been changed to Adobe Integrated

Runtime. Hurray Flex 3 finally released. I didnt like the name AIR. Apollo sounds good to me. If you are discussing with someone on which

technology are you working on you will say I am working on AIR 🙂 Wherein “working on apollo” sounds like you are working on “Apollo

11”. Anyways I started reading all the articles on Matt Chottin’s Blog.There is lotsa new things to look at. Some of the core features of the

Flex 3 are

1) Support for the new Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)
2) Code refactoring
3) Memory and performance profilers
4) SWF file size reduction through persistent framework caching
5) Advanced datagrid( this one is my favourite)
6) Web service introspection( do not know much about this)

You can find more articles on Ted Patrick’s blog