AIR(Apollo) and Flex 3(Moxie)

Today when I entered office, one of my colleague
Karan Palan gave me the news of release of Adobe Flex 3 and also he told that Apollo has been changed to Adobe Integrated

Runtime. Hurray Flex 3 finally released. I didnt like the name AIR. Apollo sounds good to me. If you are discussing with someone on which

technology are you working on you will say I am working on AIR 🙂 Wherein “working on apollo” sounds like you are working on “Apollo

11”. Anyways I started reading all the articles on Matt Chottin’s Blog.There is lotsa new things to look at. Some of the core features of the

Flex 3 are

1) Support for the new Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)
2) Code refactoring
3) Memory and performance profilers
4) SWF file size reduction through persistent framework caching
5) Advanced datagrid( this one is my favourite)
6) Web service introspection( do not know much about this)

You can find more articles on Ted Patrick’s blog


One Response to “AIR(Apollo) and Flex 3(Moxie)”

  1. Lalit sarna Says:

    Hope you are well. Found your blog on the flex developers group and thought I would ping you. I am the founder of ActOnMe, a leading OpenSocial/Facebook app development company based out of Delhi. Our apps are Flex/flash based.

    With a small team of 4 young people we have created top apps that grew to 4M+ installs in 12 weeks with 10 M unique page views a day .We are the only Indian company with such s a large size install base on Orkut and HI5. 12 weeks into the launch of our apps and we are making enough revenue to sustain the company and our growth without any VC funding.

    Given our massive success we have been invited by Top social networks in Latin America, Europe and China to be part of the select few applications that will be launched with the initial launch of their application platforms.

    In addition to building several apps we are working on a Virtual worlds engine that will enable us to launch multiple virtual worlds across social networks. supporting a thriving virtual goods economy and transactional revenues. We will be launching our first world in July. To give you a perspective in 2007 $3 billion was spent on virtual goods world wide, expected to grow to $10.00 B by 2011.

    I believe that given the large pool of young talented Indian developers, we are positioned to build one of the largest consumer internet app factories in the world. Our team is extremely passionate about creating consumer internet solutions for the world that reach out millions of people world wide and can beat applications for leading app houses such as Slide and Rock you.

    Given that you are so well connected and respected in teh Indian development community, I would love to connect with you to get your advice on how to scale my team. If you have the time and interest please let me know the best way to connect with you.


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