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Vijay on PHP

February 3, 2007

You know I had posted few weeks back about my ideas beng heard by my Team Leader Vijay Khambalkar on . This time again i had suggested regarding scrum.Yeah scrum the daily update pattern which i had learned in my previous company Oinam Software from Brajeshwar.I gave this very same idea to Vijay and in an half-an-hour he wrote a script in Php and surprised all of us .He wrote something in few minutes so that we can submit our daily updates. So from now on we dont have to open our company mailbox to send our updates.Thanks Vijay.

And yeah one more thing this guy really deserves to be a Team Leader.Oue PHP team was working on some framework for PHP so Vijay is very good with PHP.He spent few days working alone on that framework.When I had joined this company Vijay showed me some of his work in PHP. I was like wow man even I want to learn that.
The framework was basically a Add/Mod/Del/Update kinda model on any database. You just have to pass the name of the database to that model and it will generate required PHP scripts for you. Sounds really cool to me.But I am not a PHP guy but the appreciation which he got was excellent.We are proud to have TL like you..Cheers Vijay.